Thursday, June 03, 2010

The God I know.

This morning I felt like I couldn't breathe...
I'm not sure if I would have even tried to come to work today if it weren't Thursday (my busy day)
But I went,
and this is what God gave me today to help me;
his love,
his son,

and his daughter safe in my belly.


pennynjon said...

I am praying for you today!

Jennifer said...

God is an amazing father isn't he? Thinking of you and praying!

Unknown said...

I've always loved that image. I think there's another one where He's holding a baby up in his arms.

Anonymous said...

Amelia...I have been on a journey these past 4 years that sometimes has left me feeling lost and far removed from our God. I think it is important for you to know something very special...your mommy's journey that she has shared through her blog has shown me how very important our faith is to know and love our God as we struggle every day to be the best mothers God has intended us to be. Your mommy's journey has helped to renew my faith in our God. I know that God puts very special people in our lives in His own time and in His own way. Amelia, your life and your mommy's courage are so very precious. God loves you and your mommy beyond all comprehension. This amazing love is something we feel in our hearts and something we trust He will continue to provide us each and every day. While I sit here this morning sharing my first morning hours with our God, I thank Him for you, Amelia Grace, and for your mommy. I feel so very selfish taking for granted all the precious memories He has provided me with my children and knowing that your memories for your mommy, daddy and brother will be not as long as they have hoped for. But, Amelia, know that you have been a person whom God has placed in my life to show me how very precious life is and how very important each and every day can be if we put our lives in His hands. Amelia Grace, my prayer today for you and your family is one of thanksgiving and courage. Your mommy has been so very unselfish and has allowed many people to know you in such a very special way that I believe only God could have provided. Amelia, you are a miracle in my eyes and heart. I pray for all of your family to hold strong to our God. Please share my infinite thanks with your Mommy. Know that I am praying fervently for her each and every day. May God grant you peace today...J

Unknown said...

Amazing image, I think this is the first time I have seen this image, thank you for sharing. I have had moments where I have woken up like that. Praying for you and hugging you.