Thursday, June 24, 2010


Posted by PicasaThat's us.
the three of us that is,
at Amelia's first and last College World Series...

I find it fitting that this year,
the only year we will be able to take our daughter
to the diamond dreams are made of;
is also the last year that the magic will happen
here at this very spot
on the hallowed ground that is

Looking back...

The first game Tim & I went to
was a CWS game
at Rosenblatt.

Noah's first baseball game
at Rosenblatt.

Years from now people
will reflect on the years in Omaha
that the series was held here
at Rosenblatt.

I think, as for me,
I will just remember
that she was here.


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful way to remember that she was here! Hold on to those memories that you are making! I am proud of you for making them! What a wonderful mommy and daddy you two are to share your passions with sweet little Amelia!

Unknown said...

Amazing! I love this post, how special and precious to share this with Amelia!