Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sleeping Angels

This photo was taken by my uncle Allen
when we arrived at the cemetery
following Amelia's service.
Rather than ride in a hearse
we wanted Amelia to ride
for the last time,
the only time,
to the cemetery with us
as a family.

The ride to the cemetery was a long
and slow paced precession.
I was so grateful for that time,
and our car ride together
as a family.
I remember looking back to discover
that Noah had fallen fast asleep.
It struck me in that moment
that both my children
were safely sleeping
in our Pilot.

It's funny the things I cling to
in these dark days.
I can assure you,
we will never sell the Honda.
It held,
and still holds,
far too much to let go of.
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Unknown said...

What a precious picture and a very touching post. Definitely can relate to you on the connection to your vehicle.

AmyV said...

I agree with Elena. Precious pictures like these you will never forget. I am sure knowing that Amelia was in that very seat with you as a family on the day you had to say goodbye means so much. Noah is precious as well, children don't know death, and this shows the true innocence of a child sleeping while his sister lay sleeping behind him, however in her final car ride. Learning to cope without your child in your arms is beyond words.

Kara said...

Ahhhhhh. So sweet. Makes me wish I had a photo from our trip to the cemetery. We also chose to carry Karinne in her "treasure box" in our van on the way to the burial. It meant so much to us to be able to take her on that last ride together with our family.

Jennifer said...

This is simply the most beautiful and heartbreaking picture I have ever seen. Wow, it brought immediate tears to my eyes and they still are flowing.

Brooke said...

That is so special! I love that. Although we decided to creamate our sweet Briar, I love the way you chose to do that!!!

CynthiaS said...

love that you had a picture of that moment!

Lori said...

That picture brings tears to my eyes.

Prayers continue.

The A Team said...

Beautiful and Heartbreaking:(