Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Months today

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

There's a place of quiet stillness
between the light and shadows reach
Where the hurting and the hopeless seek everlasting peace
Words of men and songs of angels whisper comfort bittersweet
Mending grief and life eternal where joy and sorrow meet

There is a place where hope remains
In crowns of thorns and crimson stains
And tears that fall on Jesus' feet
Where joy and sorrow meet

There's a place the lost surrender and the weary will retreat
Full of grace and mercy tender in times of unbelief
For the wounded there is healing, strength is given to the weak
Broken hearts find love redeeming where joy and sorrow meet

There's a place of thirst and hunger
where the roots of faith grow deep
And there is rain and rolling thunder
when the road is rough and steep
There is hope in desperation there is victory in defeat
At the cross of restoration where joy and sorrow meet


Unknown said...


The title says it all

Kara said...

Another hug! Thinking of you today and hope that work is going okay too.

pennynjon said...


Jennifer said...

Happy two months sweet Amelia! Praying for you Melissa! I hope work has been gentle for you.

Unknown said...

Happy two months dear Amelia!!! What a beautiful well worded poem. Amazing! and of course *hugs*