Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 Weeks

Butterflies have taken on a new
and special place in my heart since Amelia's death.
They are often considered a spiritual symbol for life after death
because of their metamorphosis
from a caterpillar that crawls on the ground
to a beautiful, ethereal creature
that flies in the sky.

So many times since her death
I have been comforted by a little butterfly.
They have appeared at just the right times
and just the right places.
Baseball games, family outings without her,
on the day of Tim's Aunt's funeral.
They have comforted us so often in fact,
that the other day I turned to Tim and with complete sincerity
asked him,
"Do you think God will still send butterflies to us in the winter?"

The symbolic similarities between butterflies
and our little Amelia's passing are numerous.
Some obvious,
others I am just learning of.

The other day at the zoo
Noah and I, along with Lydia & Angee,
visited the butterfly pavilion.
I discovered something I hadn't known about butterflies that day.
I noticed a sign as we made our way through the exhibit.
The sign detailed how a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis.
I was so tickled to read that after emerging from the chrysalis
a butterfly then rest for 2-8 hours
allowing its wings to harden before it can fly.

I instantly thought of our little Amelia
who spent just 2 precious hours on this earth.
How lovely to think of her as a butterfly
that rested in our arms
just long enough for her wings to harden
before she spread her wings and
flew to the heavens.

I love butterflies
and Mommy loves you, Amelia Grace.
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pennynjon said...

Beautiful post! Two amazing! I always feel that comfort when I see dragonflies-because I have seen so many since Ella was born, and like you said- they always seem to come at the right time. ((hugs))

Unknown said...

I love butterflies! Always have, we always believed the butterflies carried the spirit of our loved one to heaven because one would always appear and stick around after our loved passed away. Also, butterflies do not live that long. I love the symbolism and I love that you have found the connection comforting. *hugs* to you on 8 weeks.

Jennifer said...

This post gave me chill bumps! I think you you and your family and pray for you guys! I am so glad there has been comfort to be found from butterflies. I love thunderstorms because they remind me of Eli.

CynthiaS said...

love this post! the week after Olivia's funeral Greg went to the cemetery alone and there were 2 butterflies sitting on the dirt mound over her grave and stayed the whole time he was there. This is a great time of year for butterflies and I had one land on my hand for the first time last week. I hope you get your winter butterfly! Thanks for sharing this, thinking of you and Amelia's 8 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am really behind on reading your posts but I LOVE this one. Beautiful! Thinking of you a lot this week!

Love ya,