Tuesday, April 06, 2010

baby love.

Amelia is most active at night right before we go to sleep. It cracks me up because her big brother Noah was the exact same way. Most nights I just lay still and imagine her dancing in a little pink tutu or running the bases, stealing home…all of the dreams I had for her. I savor every movement as it reminds me of her strength and the miracle that she is. She has weight, her life means something, and she is here, very much alive and with us!

I discovered something new about Amelia last night. Often Tim will rest his hand on my belly as we lay in bed waiting for sleep to come. Lately she has halted her acrobatics when daddy lays his hand over her. She presses against his hand with her whole body. At first I thought she was complaining at his weight on her. But then I felt a change, a smoothness in her movements each time he moved his hand or took it away and then placed it back over her. She wasn’t complaining; she was trying to get closer! It is almost as if she was stretching her back so that his hand would be touching as much of her as possible.

I have been told my baby cannot see or hear. Yet somehow she knows the touch of her father even before she has met him. She can sense his love and loves him right back.

To her the name of father was another name for love. ~ Fanny Fern


Amy V said...

Medicine is medicine. The miracle of life is a miracle that medicine can't explain. Dr's don't have explanations for everything. Amelia is blessing you with her sweet soul from the womb. Without seeing or being able to hear which they claim, she is sensing the warmth and love of her fathers hand. Your post brings tears to my eyes. Life is precious, and your baby knows love.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Melis, this post has left me without words. I guess I can just ditto the earlier post. Amelia absolutely knows and feels the love that you and Tim feel for her.

Love, Ash

Unknown said...

You will hear a lot of things that our babies "can't do" but dr's do not know everything. Our daughter Lilly Elizabeth came out crying. She made talking noises to all those whom she met. She progressed during the 6 days 5 hours and 30 minutes she spent on earth with us outside of her 9 months in my tummy. She definitely could recognize touch in my belly. I agree and think she is trying to get closer to your hubby and have a bond with him. Lilly also could hear, we know cause she got startled and even the dr's didn't dispute that. She amazed the dr's cause she did things that they didn't think were possible. She nursed and held her head up and smiled. I am only telling you this to let you know that all things are possible through Him. I have hope for your baby too. Other moms have definitely experienced the same thing that their babies could hear. Sorry this was long, I just wanted to give you hope through Lilly's life story. Praying for you and your family.


Hannah Rose said...

wow this made me cry. so, so precious