Wednesday, March 09, 2011

31 Weeks - the last speech

Thank you all so much for your prayers regarding our ultrasound this Monday as well as my speaking for the staff at Nebraska Organ Recovery (NOR). You already know about the results of the u/s.

As for the speech, It went fine.
I had two surprises at NOR
The first was sad news that our coordinator Todd was no longer with the organization. I was kind of looking forward to seeing him.  The second was a women, whose name I did not catch, who commented near the close of my time with the group that she had read my article.

At first I thought she was referring to the blog. But then she shared that she was in Glenwood caring for a hospice patient at the time the article written in The Opinion-Tribune (Glenwood, IA) was published. She recalled she had read our story and sobbed.
Small world.

I had typed up an outline of what I wanted to say in case I found myself too emotional to focus or at a lack of words. I was a bit more emotional than I have been in previous talks about Amelia (thanks to pregnancy hormones and a sweet heart recipient who spoke just before I did) but the words came and I never even opened up the folded speech in front of me. I was far from eloquent or verbose, but I was honest and open about our journey with our daughter. I pray that they walked away with a bit more than what they came to the table with that day. I pray that they left with a little bit of Amelia tucked in close to their hearts.

This was the last of my scheduled speeches about Amelia Grace.
I do feel a sense of relief,
but also a bit of sadness.
I love talking about her, telling her story
and having others recognize me as her mother.
It is such a gift to be "Amelia's Mommy."
God is so good...


Kara said...

So glad it went well. Getting ready to go for our sono. Drinking water and trying not to stress!

Rachel's Mama said...

Good job Mama! I doubt your done talking about said last "scheduled" speech. You can't see God's calendar though, and I bet He's got you marked down a few more time! :o) Endless Hope, Stacy

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you for being brave and sharing sweet Amelia! I'm with Stacy, I bet there will be more speaking opportunities for you. I have my first one Friday night at a Sav-a-life event. I am so, so, so nervous! Love you friend! Thinking about you this Wednesday! Hugs

Unknown said...

I love that you have spoken and shared Amelia. And
I do hope all there were touched by her in some way.

Lisette said...

I am glad to hear it all went well.

Amy von Oven said...

I think you will talk about her more because she lives through your voice...God has great plans for her through YOU....God has plans we can never see, that is what is SO AMAZING...You are so strong, and GOd is so proud! :)

The Blue Sparrow said...

I had no idea we lived that close to each other! I live in Shenandoah! Small world! I'm glad to hear that things went well! (((HUGS)))