Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nurse Angee

I have heard many times
that it is good to have a lawyer & a doctor in the family.
I don't have a lawyer, though I know a few.
I do have some excellent doctors,
but I am not related to any of them.
I do however, have a nurse
and I believe nurse trumps lawyer and doctor.
Think I am wrong?
Clearly you have not met Nurse Angee.

The care we received at Bergan was outstanding.
To be honest, even the food was pretty dang good.
But no one compares to Angee.
She is more than an amazing nurse, she is my best friend.

She was there when I delivered Noah,
and she was there for Amelia.
She helped us bathe her,
heard her sweet voice,
held her, wrapped her and loved her.

I could not have shared these intimate moments with a stranger.

I needed Angee.
Amelia needed Angee.

I wish I had the words.
I'm hoping this picture is worth a thousand
because all I can conjure up is
Thank you.

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AmyV said...

Just beautiful. Tears flowing. What a blessing to have Angee there to help you. Sharing in Amelia's life, and helping you beyond a nurses duty. Having someone you can share all those precious memories with, only the way two women can share. All the details. Nurses sometimes don't get the credit they deserve, and you are so lucky to have Angee.

Lisette said...

That is great that you had Angee there for you for both deliveries. Nurses are amazing, they definately can make your experience great or terribly bad, I am so happy you were blessed with a wonderful. You have such a special bond that can never be broken.

CynthiaS said...

what a wonderful friend to have and share your memories with. That is such a blessing to you and your family!

Jennifer said...

Thanks to Angee! It is people like her that keep people like us going when we do not think we can! Nurses Rock!!!

Unknown said...

A true blessing.

Hannah Rose said...

wow. just wow. What a beautiful friendship. I'm so glad she could be there with you and have a part in making memories with Amelia. I so enjoy reading your posts. Your words and writing are extremely beautiful. You have great talent, Melissa.

Stephanie Patzer said...

Your tribute to Angee is beautiful. She is one tough cookie and has a heart of gold. Bless you both for sharing those moments. She has witnessed Amelia in ways many of us have not; I am tickled that little Amelia could feel the love that flow between two girlfriends! It is like none other.

Unknown said...

How awesome and wonderful to have such a friend and a nurse! Truly a blessing!

AmberV said...

What a great picture! I am so glad you got to share those moments with not only your best friend but someone who is able to do the things she did as a nurse on such a special day.

Unknown said...

It surely is a blessing to have such wonderful care