Wednesday, January 19, 2011

24 Weeks - Taking down the tree - Someday

Posted by PicasaI have been waiting to take down our tree.
Waiting for the last of Amelia's ornaments to arrive.
Yesterday, posted from the U.K.,
the last ornament arrived.
Each ornament shown above has a very special story,
and each of them has touched my heart this season.

The butterfly at the top left is one of 3 butterfly ornaments given to us
by my Aunt Jean & Uncle Dale.
With the ornaments was a poem that explained,
the gift of three butterflies...even in the winter.
Some of you may recall a previous post where I explained how
butterflies remind us of our little Amelia
and hoped that God would send us butterflies- even in the winter.

The top right is a gift from Lorrie, Ella's Aunt.
Ella is a very special baby, who like our sweet Amelia,
at this very moment sits at Jesus feet. sigh
The kids don't have personalized stockings yet,
so this year we used this ornament to id Amelia's stocking
and one of Noah's ornaments to id his.
It was perfect.

The middle left was described in a previous post
and was given to us the day of  Amelia's funeral.
It is a locket
engraved on the inside
Amelia Grace

The middle right is a gift from a blogging Mama
from the UK who lost her precious daughter
Florence Violet in July 2009.
She blogs at
and describes her blog as "a rather odd mix of sewing and grief."
I always enjoy reading her posts.

The bottom seashell ornament is a gift from my choir buddy
and sweet friend, Lois.
I mentioned in a previous post that Christmas Eve
was a particularly difficult church service for me.
This ornament was given to me that night
just after the service ended
(along with a special gift for Noah I might add!)
I don't think I have ever seen something so beautiful.
Tim and I opened it when I came home from church
by the light of our Christmas tree.
It was one of my favorite Christmas memories this year.
It reads:
Every Life Leaves Something Beautiful Behind

I'm leaving the tree up a bit longer,
but not too much longer!!
But, I'm just not quite ready yet.
As for the ornaments,
I can't promise you they will be boxed up with the others.
They are just to pretty to hide away till next year...


Kara said...

Such precious ornaments - with precious associations to Amelia to go along with them. I haven't taken down Karinne's tree yet either. (Although part of the lights have burnt out - grrr). Just can't quite make myself put them all away.

Jennifer said...

I love ALL of Amelia's ornaments! I don't blame you one bit, I'd leave it up longer also! Oh how these ornaments will ALWAYS bring the sweetest memories! You just can not pack up sweet memories! xoxo

Lisette said...

Her ornaments are all so beautiful.

Courtney Roth said...

Such beautiful ornaments! I know how precious Ella's ornaments are to me. I haven't packed her's away yet either.

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful ornaments. The shell one is one that I want myself. I confess that our tree is still up.

Rachel's Mama said...

I couldn't pack up Rachel's ornaments either...they're hanging on the walls all over my house. :o) and it's perfect. Amelia's ornaments are beautiful...almost as beautiful as her, but not quite.

Jeanette said...

I'm so glad the ornament arrived. You have some lovely ornaments there. x