Wednesday, March 07, 2012

we can't go get her...

Saturday night one of Tim's buddies joined us for ribs and a night of Turkey calling/hunting DVDs. As we sat sticky fingered and chatting away around the table, Noah turned to Ryan and asked,
"Where's your brother and sister?"
Ryan responded that his brother was at his house.
"Get him!" Noah replied.
Tim and I giggled as Ryan continued to explain, "I don't have a sister."
"I have a sister," Noah says.
"I know you do..."
"But she's in heaven, so we can't go get her."

These are the moments I catch my self thinking... 
it's just not fair.

March 15th looms just around the corner
(diagnosis day - 2 years ago)
I find myself quick to tear up, edgy, emotional
and just a little bit sad.
The darkness is creeping in.

taking it to the cross today,
and everyday...


Anonymous said...

This made me tear up more ways than one...Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa! This meant the world to me! <3

Unknown said...

Rachel's Mama said...

it's not fair. Praying for you as you come up on another anniversary. It's so hard. love you.

CynthiaS said...

This is so sweet, he is proud of his baby sister! DDay is the hardest day of all the anniversaries for me. {HUGS}