Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amelia's Baby Brother

Introducing Him Birth Announcement
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I had intended to send out birth announcements this time.
(real one's, you know, the kind you send in the mail)

I didn't with Noah.
I didn't feel right doing it for Amelia.
And, now I just can't decide on a photo,
or layout,
card for that matter....for Sam.

I guess my kids are just too darn cute for a traditional birth announcement! ;)


Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT!!! He is gorgeous!!! I have MISSED you!

Rachel's Mama said...

I LOVE this card... you should send them! And if it's okay, I'm totally stealing your wording at the end! I stole the wording from Amelia's too - apparently I like your style... it's just perfect and he is absolutely precious. you have amazing photos!