Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 weeks - Godwinks

Today I want to share with you a new word I learned this week
via a fellow baby loss blogger, Holly's site.
The word is
Rather than attempt to describe this idea myself
I have included the definition as told by author SQuire Rushnell.

"WHAT'S A GODWINK?(Answered by SQuire Rushnell)
A godwink is what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, "Wow, what are the odds of that!"

What do godwinks mean? Think about when you were a kid and someone you loved gave you a little wink across the dining room table...Mom or Dad or Grandma. You didn't say "What do you mean by that?" You knew. It meant: "Hey kid, I'm thinking about you right now." That's what a godwink is too: a message of reassurance from above, directly to you, out of six billion people on the planet, saying "Hey kid...I'm thinking of you! Keep the faith! You're never alone.""

We've all had the experience of an unexpected phone call from someone we were just thinking about, but hadn't thought about in years. Or...we've run into someone on the street who completely changed the direction of our life. We often say, "Wow...what a godwink." Yet we rarely ask, "What caused that person to call me at that moment?" or, "What caused that person to be at the same place I was, at just the right time?""

Before I go any further on this topic I have to say.
I have not read any of SQuire's books. (I have heard they are good)
I don't know if I will ever read them.
I might not agree with anything he says in his books.
But I will tell you what he has given me this week.
He has given me a word to describe the moments
when I have clearly felt God's presence or reassurance
that Amelia is safe in His arms
in little things like,
Perfectly timed gifts
Coincidence in Am(ELI)a's name
Strangely worn jewelry
Offers to photograph our daughters birthday
A kind email
There are truly to many to list.

Well, I have to tell you
I had a little Godwink this week.
For those of you that know me well
it will come as no surprise that at 17 weeks pregnant
I have already begun planning this child's baptism day.
This week in particular,
I began the hunt for the perfect baptism cake.
Noah's baptism cake was a bit of a disaster
so my hope is that this cake will be
well, better to say the least.

Me and good ol' Google began the hunt
in a search for "baptism cakes"
I probably looked at images of over 200+ cakes.
As I searched, a seemingly out of place cake
popped up on to my screen.
It was a gorgeous 2 tier fondant cake
covered in white daisies.
I immediately thought of a new baby loss momma
friend of mine named Stacy.
Her daughter Rachel
sits at the feet of Jesus at this very moment
with our little Amelia. sigh
Daisies are to Stacy
as butterflies are to us,
reminders of our sweet baby girls.

The minute I saw it I felt compelled to send it to her
and let her know I was thinking of her and Rachel.
I clicked on the image to take a closer look
and saw something I hadn't noticed at first.
A top the cake rested a single white butterfly.
"Awww," I thought to myself, "miss you sweet girl."
I emailed her the photo
and continued my search.
I was just about to wrap up when I noticed another cake...
could it be another daisy cake amidst the crosses and doves?!?!?
It was indeed a daisy cake.
You'll never guess what I saw at the very top...
a small pink butterfly.

yup, I'm lovin' the Godwinks.


Kara said...

Hmmmmm - miss our sweet girls. Thank you for sharing this Melissa. I love this concept and name for those "coincidences".

Jennifer said...

I just love Godwinks! It is so true that He does send them when we need them most. Thinking of you today and sweet baby Amelia Grace. xoxo

bethany actually said...

I love the name "Godwinks," that is so perfect! I just had a Godwink happen the other day, actually.

I have a blog friend, Loralee, who had two older sons and then lost a baby boy to SIDS several years ago, and it was awful (of course it was) and led to a really dark time in her life when she tried to commit suicide and her marriage almost ended. There's a happy next chapter, though, in that she and her husband worked things out and she had another baby boy a couple of years ago and he is the light of their lives. The baby they lost was nicknamed 'Bug' and Loralee had a ladybug tattooed on her hip in remembrance of him. Since his death she and her husband have seen ladybugs several times when they were at low points, often in unexpected places or at odd times of year. They've always taken it as a sign of hope from Matthew, God, the universe, whatever. Just...HOPE. Ladybugs, to them = happiness.

Loralee blogged the other day asking for people to tell her about something in their lives that was making them happy, because she was having a rough couple of days and needed to hear positive things. So I commented and shared with her a daily 'happy things' photo project on Flickr my friend Bonnie is doing. (

I went back and checked the comments for a response today, and Loralee said, "I love that it was a little ladybug when I clicked on it!" I had completely forgotten that the first picture in the set was of a ladybug crawling on Bonnie's arm! Total Godwink. :-)

Rachel's Mama said...

I'm honored that my "daisy" and your "butterfly" are together with Jesus today. I'm assuming they are probably dancing gracefully in His love...Someday we'll get to watch them...for now, I smile (and sometimes cry too) at every Godwink. :o) He is good.
love you, Stacy

Jeanette said...

Hi Melissa, just wanted to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog.

Love Jeanette

Unknown said...

I love Godwinks :) you def got one!